I post my plans each day in an effort to keep everyone informed. Please understand that any postings you see for future dates are TENTATIVE and subject to change. I will update this page daily to reflect what was actually completed on each day during class.

Thursday, Nov 1st

Check and file 25.3 Assessment

Exam Review
Live Notes!!- How to find p,n,e from Periodic Table
Live Notes!! - How to find p,n,e from isotopic notation
Live Notes!! - Seasons
Life Notes!! - Hours of Daylight
CW: Redshift Demo
Astronomy Applets
HW: Study for your exam

Friday, Nov 2

Groves in AM to watch Barnum
Afternoon classes had a choice today - either study with me or watch Life Cycles of Stars which covers several recent topics.

Monday, Nov 5th
Exam Review

Tuesday, Nov 6th

Wednesday, Nov 7th
Day 1 of 2nd marking period
Pass out HW passes and bathroom passes. If you were absent, see me for this when you return
Astronomy Exam. If you were absent today, plan on taking this tomorrow or immediately upon return.

Thursday, Nov 8th
SUB DAY - I will use this day to conference with students who need to improve this marking period or students who have potential for taking Honors Bio next year. My sub will have primary control of the classroom.
- Makeup tests?
- CW/HW: Read "Why do Atoms Combine" and "How Element Bond" and do attached questions

Friday, Nov 9th
- Change seats
- Begin checking "Why do Atoms Combine" and "How do Elements Bond". We will finish this and turn in on Monday

Monday, Nov 12th
Finish checking and turn in "Why do Atoms Combine"
Video: Sodium and Chlorine reaction (example of an ionic bond)

Video: Bonding animation

Tutorial: Ionic bond between sodium and chlorine
Build an Atom
Click to Run

CW/HW: A Sticky Molecule due Wednesday

Tuesday, Nov 13th
1/2 day morning classes only. AM + PM conferences
Morning classes will have some time to work on "A Sticky Molecule" and will also do some additional work with building molecules

Wednesday, Nov 14th
PM conferences
Check and turn in "A Sticky Molecule"
CW/HW: "Water: The Sum of Its Parts"

Thursday, Nov 15th
Check and turn in "Water: The Sum of Its Parts"
Prep for Friday's Lab

Friday, Nov 16th
Universal Solvent Lab. If you are absent today, you will be excused from doing the lab. There are no make-ups.
HW: Questions from lab due Tuesday

Monday, Nov 19
Groves Orientation 12 - 2pm. I will not see all of my afternoon classes
Surface tension demonstration
Students who have class will also have time to finish questions from Universal Solvent Lab due tomorrow
CW/HW: Read 15.1 and do 15.1 worksheet (may be downloaded from the online textbook). Due MONDAY AFTER BREAK

Tuesday, Nov 20
Check and turn in Universal Solvent Lab (some classes didn't finish this today. If we didn't, we will finish this up on Monday)
Return Astronomy tests and talk about how to do test corrections

Monday, Nov 26
Finish checking and turn in Universal Solvent lab if needed
Review Chemistry from previous 2 weeks (download a quick study guide here)
Just for fun: Dogs Teaching Chemistry

Check 15.1 Worksheet
HW: Study for Chemistry quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, Nov 27
Chemistry Quiz
CW: 15.1 Notes and practice with graphs in the section
HW: 15.1 Assessment. Do questions #1-5, 7 AND Writing in Science

Wednesday, Nov 28
Check 15.1 Assessment and file
CW: Practice making Claim, Evidence, Reasoning statements with data from 15.1
FYI: Astronomy test corrections are due no later than Friday.
HW: Read 16.1, pages 448-451 only (Surface Circulation). Do Assessment #1-3, 6 ONLY

Thursday, Nov 29th
Check 16.1 Assessment
Specific Heat Demo
prepare for surface currents lab
FYI: Astronomy test corrections are due no later than Friday.

Friday, Nov 30th
Surface currents lab
Return quizzes and discuss
HW: Do the conclusion questions from the surface currents lab