Wed, May 1
Finish working on Mohawk Guy. Share results and turn in answers.
HW: How Global Warming Might Affect Your Community

Thu, May 2
Check and turn in How Global Warming Might Affect Your Community
CW: Earth's Albedo and Global Warming w/ ipads. Students should write down the answers to the disucssion questions on page 1 as they work with their groups. We'll discuss answers to the discussion questions on Monday.

Fri, May 3
Watch "A Global Warning Pt 1" and Pt 2 from The History Channel. There is a worksheet that goes along with this movie. If you are absent, you are still responsible for watching this video and completing the wksht. We will finish Part 3 next week and turn the wksht in then.

Mon, May 6
- Review discussion questions from last Thursday's "Earth's Albedo and Global Warming"
- Intro to Permafrost Video
CW: Read "Something is Rotten is Chersky" and Permafrost Part 1 w/ ipads. Each individual student should answer the 5 RED questions at the beginning of Part 1. We will dicsuss and move on to Part 2 tomorrow...

Tue, May 7
Permafrost Parts 2 and 3 w/ iPads

Wed, May 8
Finish A Global Warning Part 3 and finish worksheet

Thu, May 9
Permafrost Part 4
Yakutsk Borehole Data (Version 3)

Fri, May 10
Return papers and prep for Tuesday's quiz
Continue to work on Part 4 of Permafrost. Go through final rubric and discuss writeup. Tentative due date is next Friday, May 17th

Mon, May 13
Discuss results of Permafrost activity graphs (part 4). Time to work on Permafrost write-up due NEXT MONDAY
Resources that may help you with your final writeup:
- Intro to Permafrost Video

Tue, May 14
Open Book Climate Change Test

Wed, May 15
Time to work on Permafrost write-up due NEXT MONDAY
CW/HW: Summarize each one of the energy types and draw out an example. Here is an example of what your worksheet may look like:
You may use the two resources below to help you. Due Friday.
What is energy?
Energy Infobook (This is a HUGE file. For now, we are using pages 6-7 ONLY)

Thu, May 16
- CW/HW: Work on yesterday's HW due tomorrow
- CW/HW: Read 4.1 and answer the following questions due tomorrow:
1. What is the difference between a renewable and a nonrenewable resource? Provide an example of each and tell me why you placed it in that categeory
2. For EACH one of the 3 major fossil fuels, tell me how it was formed and how it is mined/extracted from the Earth.

Fri, May 17
Check collect Energy type summaries (from Wed)
Check and collect 4.1 Questions (From yesterday)
energy quiz (Don't panic - it's a fun in-class thing. No grade)
Energy Brainpop
HW: Permafrost Write-up due MONDAY

Mon, May 20
Permafrost Activity Writeup Due
Activity: match the resource with the type of energy
Activity: identify energy transfer through a lightbulb
HW: Read 4.2 and answer questions #1-4

Tue, May 21
Finish going through energy transfers from yesterday
Video - Electricity Generation
Check and file HW
Introduce the Great Energy Debate

Wed, May 22
The Great Energy Debate Research (ipad)

Thu, May 23
Quebec field trip
Spanish field trip
Video: Renewable Energy (While watching, students should choose 3 alternative energy resources and list the pros and cons. If you are absent today, you are still responsible for doing this. If you should not be able to view the link, just do some other quick research and list some pros/cons of alternative/renewable energy resources. Preferably, some that are not already listed in 4.2 of your textbook.)

Fri, May 24
Quebec field trip
The Great Energy Debate Research (ipad). (Students who are absent today should just make sure they are ready for their debate when they return next week)

Tue, May 28
SUB today. I expect to be back tomorrow for our debate. :)
Groves Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program Visit. No regular science class today.

Wed, May 29
Collect notes from Renewable Energy movie from last Thursday. If you couldn't finish, I'll still take them as late as Friday with no late penalty.
The Great Energy Debate DEBATE!
HW: Study for your energy quiz on Friday!
FYI: Textbooks will be collected this Friday after your quizzes

Thu, May 30
The Great Energy Debate DEBATE!
Immediately after we finish the debate, students should do their results questions, which can be found on the project description/rubric you were given last week. Due date is TOMORROW

Fri, May 31
- Collect reusults questions from the Great Energy Debate
- Quick, easy quiz on the 9 Types of Energy and 4.1 and 4.2 in textbook!
- CW: Read Whatzzzzz-up Stream and Streams in the City and answer questions. Due Monday
While students are working individually, I will be COLLECTING TEXTBOOKS. Yayyy!