Monday, March 4
Morning classes:
Begin Virtual Earthquake LabTentative due date is Thu, March 14th
FYI: Earthquake Quiz this Thursday

Afternoon classes:
Review and file last week's Locating an Earthquake assignment
Check and turn in San Andreas Fault movie questions
FYI: Earthquake Quiz this Thursday

Tuesday, March 5
Virtual Earthquake Lab Morning classes were went through the Rubric and Instructions for Virtual Earthquake Lab. Afternoon classes will do this tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 6
PM Conferences
Virtual Earthquake Lab w/ 2 computer carts. Afternoon classes went through Rubric and Instructions for Virtual Earthquake Lab.

Thursday, March 7
PM Conferences
I will be absent during 5th hour only today
Quiz on Earthquakes
Time to finish Virtual Earthquake Lab w/ 2 computer carts
HW: Read 9.1 and do 9.1 Wksht due Monday

Friday, March 8
Time to finish Virtual Earthquake Lab w/ 2 computer carts

Monday, March 11
Check and turn in 9.1 Wksht
CW: p. 253 Active Art
Return and discuss earthquake quizzes
HW: Read 9.2 - Sea-Floor Spreading. While reading; list, summarize and draw a picture of evidence of sea-floor spreading
HW: Virtual Earthquake Lab due Thursday

Tuesday, March 12
9.2 Notes
HW: 9.2 Assessment #1 (add a picture to your explanation), and #2 only. Add this to last night's HW along with any revisions that may need to be made.
HW: Virtual Earthquake Lab due Thursday

Wednesday, March 13
Check HW.
CW: Paleomagnetism and Ocean Floor. Finish up the last few questions on the activity and be ready to discuss tomorrow
HW: Finish doing the 9.2 Assessment by adding #5,6,7. We will turn the entire assignment from 9.2 in tomorrow
HW: Virtual Earthquake Lab due tomorrow

Thursday, March 14
Chicago Spanish Trip
Check and turn in all of 9.2 Assessment (absent students should turn this in when they return)
Virtual Earthquake Lab due - (absent students should turn this in either before they leave or immediately when they return)
CW: Check and turn in Paleomagnetism and the Ocean Floor (absent students should finish this on their own and turn in when they return)
Finish 9.2 Notes (We only added 2 new slides, which involved explaining diagrams from the book. Absent students may download the file if needed)

Friday, March 15
Chicago Spanish Trip
CW: Anatomy of a Tsunami (We viewed this animation and talked about the dynamics of how a tsunami works before watching the video)
The Wave That Shook The Worldwith video questions (absent students should watch the video and answer the questions and turn in immediately when they return)

Monday, March 18
Finish, check, and turn in Wave that Shook the World Questions
CW: mini-quiz on 9.2 (this is NOT graded, so don't panic!)
HW: Read 9.3. After reading, sketch and add notes to pages 4,7,8 of this blank sheet

Tuesday, March 19
Review HW
9.3 Notes on Plate Tectonics. Students will add notes/drawings to this by using last night's HW handout.
HW: Finish doing any remaining drawings on your packet from last night. Also, read 9.4 and do #1-3. You can keep it all in the same packet. Due Thursday

Wednesday, March 20
Shortened class periods today. We will not have a 6th hour class
Finish viewing "Inside Planet Earth"

Thursday, March 21
Review any remaining pics in your packet from Monday. The full set of notes are posted here
CW: This Dynamic Planet mapStudents will use this map to do a mini-research project about various areas around the globe and plate tectonic motions
HW: Read 10.1 and do 10.1 Wksht due MONDAY

Friday, March 22
CW: Additional time to work on This Dynamic Planet mini-research project (in-class only)

Monday, March 25
Check 10.1 Wksht and discuss 10.1
Finish discussing This Dynamic Planet mini-research project
Pass out study guide for exam
NO HW (Passover)

Tuesday, March 26
CW: Read 10.2 and do 10.2 Wksht. Students should have enough time to finish this during class time. We will go over it tomorrow during class, but it will not be collected.
Begin Video: How the Earth Was Made - Iceland with movie questions
NO HW (Passover)

Wednesday, March 27
Check and file 10.2 Wksht
Finish yesterday's video and discuss questions

Thursday, March 28
Study for exam

Friday, March 29

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